A Letter to an Old Friend

Dear American I Sometimes talk to During Honour Pass,

It’s been too long since we last spoke, despite our efforts to maintain a consistent conversation. I know it’s challenging, especially with the 13-hour time difference, and with both of us being in that phase where school becomes infinitely more important than everything else, but I think we’ve done pretty well in the past, don’t you?  

It’s unbelievable that we’ve only met a few times in person. I feel so much more comfortable confiding in you than in my friends here, and sometimes I find myself wishing you didn’t live so far away so I could talk to you impulsively rather than waiting for that weird time where I should be asleep and you shouldn’t be awake yet. Almost all my friends know of you now, and I must say you’ve gotten quite popular with some of them — which is not that surprising, since we have a similar sense of humor — witty puns crack me up, and you appreciate a good play-on-words. You’ve stayed by my side vigilantly through my journey from Egypt to Indonesia, and understand me so well that you can detect the implied meanings and moods behind my words, which is especially hard to do through emails. I know so many random things about you, and even though I probably won’t be able to recognize you just by looking at you now that we’ve grown up, your aura and personality are so unique that I would be able to tell you apart in a crowd no matter how large.

I miss our conversations, with my tendency to flit from subject to subject in order to cram everything into the few hours that we have to talk and you trying desperately to keep up with what’s happening. I know it’s a little selfish, and even though I know you’re glad to be at college, I wish you’d never gone so we wouldn’t have to compress hours of small talk into a thirty-minute respite from your work as your spare time disappears and the stress of independent life replaces it. Even though I fervently hope that we will both recover from this dull period of transition as we adjust to our new lives, a scarier and more real dread grows within me every day as  I realize our friendship will only ever be a bleak shadow of what it used to mean.


Your Indian Friend On the Other Side of the World.  


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