Breaking the Surface

Since I had so much fun writing the first TAG Story (Theme, Action, Genre) I’ve decided to write another! As with the previous one, think of themes and actions whilst you’re reading and leave them in the comment, letting me know if you guessed the ones I was trying to write about or if you thought of different ones entirely.


Breaking the Surface

“I don’t believe it,” Bianca muttered. “They’ve been lying to us all this time, haven’t they?” She remembered her disbelief at seeing a grimy young orphan, too poor to have received any sort of training, fall off The Island and emerge a few seconds later, effortlessly cleaving the water in half with efficiency that would be the envy of top formers at the Academy.

“So you’re telling me that he was in the water without training….and he wasn’t drowning?” Mason looked skeptical, as if he were trying to detect a joke. However, he quickly changed his mind and raised both palms in a gesture of surrender when Bianca turned her stare to him. “Geez, sorry, I’m just trying to be realistic here. Why would they want to waste time and effort to teach us something we don’t even need to learn?”

Bianca thought back to everything that the town’s governors – the merpeople – had impressed upon her over the years; The danger of the water surrounding their Homeland, and the hydras and serpents that reside within. “Think about it, Mason. The campaigns, PSA’s, even the videos of people ‘drowning.’ They’ve got us wrapped around their little finger.”

Before Mason could reply, the bell signifying their next class rang, and they stood, exchanging a wary look before heading to their next lesson, wondering what lies about the Sea and its apparent dangers they would be told next.

(236 Words)

Education • Swimming • Urban Fantasy


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