Veiled Malice

This is a short story I wrote inspired by a warm-up activity from my creative writing class. We each pulled out one random Theme, Activity, and Genre from a pile, and were asked to write a two-hundred word story incorporating each. While reading, keep this in the back of your mind and try to form a general guess on each. I will post mine at the end of the story for you to compare your own to. If you felt that I have other themes, actions, or genres through the story which I hadn’t mentioned, feel free to share them in the comments below!


“Is this really all you’ve found, Bessie?” The Countess allowed herself a small sigh of frustration as she waited for a reply from her trustworthy maidservant.

“The tailor sends apologies, m’Lady, but these are all that are available this season,” Bessie said sympathetically, glancing once more at the simple, monochromatic skirts.

“This simply won’t do,” replied the lady, “I can’t show up to the ball in these rags – what would the Duke say?”

“m’Lady,” Bessie hesitated, “might I proffer that you choose a robe already in your possession…” she paused and her cheeks suffused with red as she noticed the Countess’ glare.

“Don’t be daft, Bes. How am I meant to catch his eye without the most breathtaking gown imaginable? I say, darling, I’ve lost at this game of seduction once and I shan’t again let a chance this golden slip from my fingers because of a simple wardrobe malfunction.”

Bessie considered telling the Countess that the Duke might be interested in more than just her attire, but didn’t dare upset her, having discovered a volatile nature through years of servitude. Instead, she kept her lips sealed as the young woman turned around and left for a new store, determined in her search for the costume which would find her the love she’d always yearned for.

(216 words)

Love • Shopping • Victorian Romance


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