Book Rec: Scythe


scythe cover

Book Information

Written by Neal Shusterman

Dystopia, Science fiction

My Rating: 4.5/5

Neal Shusterman, famous for his dystopian science-fiction novels, does not disappoint with the newest addition to his repertoire: Scythe, the story of a world where humans rule death itself. In an era where government is a thing of the past, the Artificial Intelligence known as Thunderhead controls the allocation of resources, the governing of states, and every other problem imaginable. However, how do you control the population growth when humans reign immortal? Shusterman imagines a world where certain people of admirable moral fibre and compassion are made Scythes, who are responsible for fulfilling the death quota on the planet. They are given the utmost respect, and invoke fear wherever they go. Citra, who wants nothing to do with Scythes, attracts the attention of Scythe Faraday with her independent and outspoken personality. Rowan, the middle child in a large family, has been ignored for as long as he can remember and blends into the background of his own life – until he argues to stay and comfort a boy who has never spoken to him before simply so he isn’t lonely when he’s killed by Faraday. The story explores Citra and Rowan’s story as they are selected for apprenticeship with the Scythe, although only one can win Scythedom. Although the action and plot of the story are extremely interesting, what made it particularly intriguing for me was the clear difference in morals and ethics in the book from our current day. It raises several questions, about how we would deal with immortality if it was offered to us, and whether a life still had value if it couldn’t be taken away by nature. For people who enjoy intellectual challenges, envisioning society in this book and evaluating the decisions of the characters as the plot continues, this book will be a great read.


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