Magical Realism Books About Love

Do you find yourself to be someone who prefers to go with the flow and remains unfazed no matter what crazy situations the protagonists of a book are faced with? If so, magical realism may just be the genre for you. These three books beautifully deliver themes of friendship and love while balancing a phenomenal, delicate, and fantastical world.

  1.  The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

“The circus arrives without warning.”

If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be magical. Le Cirque des Rêves is brought into existence by a group of ambitious artists and serves as the surreptitious battlefield for Celia and Marco, two talented young illusionists pitted against each other in a battle of prowess and magic by their teachers. As their influences on the circus grow stronger and stronger, so does the intensity of their relationship– but there can only be one winner. The prose is delicate and descriptive, creating an enchanting atmosphere that’ll drag you in and refuse to release you until the very last word.


  1. When the Moon was Ours, Anne-Marie McLemore

“The way he loved her was his, even if she wasn’t.”

Miel was rumoured to be found in a water tank at the age of five and grows roses out of her wrists. Sam has a hidden past who paints moons and hangs them around his house and in the trees. Their friendship is as strong as they are odd and is threatened by nothing except the Bonner girls, four beautiful sisters who might just be witches. When they try to harvest the roses from Miel’s arms in hopes that it’ll grant them undeniable love, they threaten the delicate and perfect world Sam and Miel have created for each other. Despite the initial absurdity of the setting, the characters of this book are portrayed so realistically and their emotions are shown so beautifully that you’ll find your heart crying out to help them save their friendship.


  1. All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders

“Boredom is the mind’s scar tissue.”

Patricia and Laurence find solace in each other’s company in a place where they’re treated as outsiders by the rest of the world. However, when Patricia shares her deepest secrets with Laurence – her unexplained magical powers which make her a witch  – he turns away and spends all his passion and energy in the scientific world, attempting to forget the lack of logic behind what he’d seen with Pat in his childhood. But when their two worlds collide, Laurence is forced to acknowledge her reality and the danger he poses to the magical world and must decide whether he’ll continue through with his ambition or make one last attempt to reconcile their different truths.

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